Karaoke Disco

Karaoke Disco
Why not start the night off with a disco and then move on to karaoke disco a little later on this can be normal practice for some people. Sometimes people need a little dutch Dutch to get up on the karaoke microphone…I do.
People love varied requests so we decided to make the karaoke library big. With over 10,000 of the top karaoke songs that are available. We have all the great hits like Madonna, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, 70’s, 80’s old classics up to the present day. You can always request tracks on the night. If we have a good internet connection we can buy requests and load them for you to sing.
You might decide to have your disco for most of the evening then switch to the karaoke disco then switch back to the disco. You might want to have the disco karaoke all evening. If your friends are all budding top singers, this works well.


 Karaoke Disco Fast Access To Songs


We use a laptop for karaoke, enabling fast access to your requests. You can request more than one microphone, enabling more than one singer to sing at once. Viewing the words on a one-meter square screen via a projector (space permitting) is great fun. Usually, we can connect to your venue TV which might be of interest to anyone that has a large TV. This ensures everyone sees the words and can join in, elevating the party atmosphere. Karaoke is good fun if you can or cannot sing.
We can add to any package or we can tailor the night to suit you. When children are old enough to read the words, this can be a lot of fun. They love singing their favourite songs to their friends. Sometimes children know the words without even be able to read. Even holding the microphone with an adult present works well also.
In our experience karaoke added to a wedding package sometimes works.
Unless all your guests are budding singers, it can disrupt a wedding reception. You can always have a sing-song right at the beginning. It’s lovely when the bride or groom sing their first dance at their wedding breakfast. Later in the evening also works as many of the guests are more relaxed and they will be more inclined to get up and sing.